Samsung: Where Tech Meets Art

samsung-officeIf you found my post about Times Square to be intriguing, here is another place you can find technological artistry in NYC. I stumbled across this spot in October when I was exploring Chelsea with some friends. We heard about a wall with hundreds of small screens that generated an image made out of a collage of Samsung user photos and wanted to see what it was all about.

samsung-digital-realityThe Samsung office space (Samsung 837) is astounding and futuristically engaging (despite the recent product debacle). “Located in the heart of the Meatpacking district in NYC, Samsung 837 combines art, fashion, technology, and sport in unprecedented ways. It’s not a store, but a new kind of place filled with ideas, experiences, and Samsung’s cutting edge devices.” samsung-screen

Anyone can go in and try out virtual reality, interact with art installations and and view their three-story screen. Samsung 837 also hosts a large number of events including live music, screenings, and “Samsung experiences” where they show off all the nifty things their products can do.

My favorite part of our visit was the selfie station. (I know, I know….generally I’m not a fan of selfies, but this selfie experience was incredible.). You stand in front of the camera like a normal selfie photo booth, the camera clicks, and then you wait 30 seconds for the photo to generate…..on the three story screen….created through a collage of user photos!!! Pretty incredible, right?!img_1471

And finally, take a look at the Instagram tunnel, “Where tech meets art. Like a mini museum, except for the fact that you can get up-close and personal.” You link your Instagram account to their system and all your IG photos are projected to the screens in the tunnel…your life literally flashes before your eyes!

Samsung Tunnel.jpg

And don’t miss this week’s interactive art event!! Click here for details.

Artfully yours,

{Kelsey Leigh}


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