Hidden in Plain Sight: 3 Places to See a Sunrise or Sunset

Though these apps are helpful tools in discovering lesser-known exhibits the city has to offer, some of the most stunning works of art you’ll find in NYC are on view only 20-30 minutes a day. The good news is that they’re on view every day of the year…even holidays! Where might you find these works of beauty? Right outside your door.

An easy (and cheap) way to enrich your soul and practice the artful life is to catch a sunrise or a sunset over one of the rivers in NYC. Consider each morning a fresh canvas, each sunrise the first colors, and each sunset the final touches to a stunning masterpiece. I find sunrises and sunsets to be incredible artistic miracles: no one is ever the same and they’re always available for the viewing, if only you set your alarm or take work off early enough to glimpse them before they’re gone.

Light is a stunning element of nature. In the words of Claude Monet,

“The light constantly changes and that alters the atmosphere and beauty of things every minute.”

Taking time to sit and soak in a sunrise or sunset is the ultimate sensory experience and is a great way to calm your mind and soul. So, here are 3 places to discover the beautiful daily masterpiece of sunrises and sunsets over New York City.

1. Sunrise over Brooklyn Bridge near South Street Seaport: I used to live near Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan and enjoyed walking to Pier 15 to see the sun rise over the bridge.

Sunrise, Pier 15

2. Sunset from Brooklyn Promenade: Now I live in Brooklyn and enjoy catching the sunset on the promenade when I can. Walking to the end of the promenade by Remsen street will give the best view of Manhattan, Lady Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building in the distance.

Sunset, Brooklyn Promenade
Sunset, Brooklyn Promenade

3. Sunset from Hoboken, NJ: If you have the time to take a train from Manhattan to Hoboken, the view of the city from New Jersey is worth the train ride. In the summer months when the weather is warm, take a picnic dinner and your significant other and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and stunning view…it makes a great smooch spot!

Sunset, Hoboken, NJ


Stay tuned for the next post where I outline a plan for the perfect morning at South Street Seaport and show you where to find a hidden historical architectural gem found among the streets of one of the oldest New York City neighborhoods!


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