West Village Art- Caffe Reggio

With these first four apps at your disposal, you’re ready to begin tackling the art world of NYC. However, what about the places and pieces of art in the city that those apps don’t necessarily know about? That’s why you have me. To get us started, here is one of the places in New York City where I’ve unexpectedly discovered works of art.

Caffe Reggio , established in 1914 is a classic West Village staple. Cafe Reggio was recommended to me by a friend as a great place to experience a taste of old New York with my parents when they came for a visit. Not only is the food delicious and the coffee strong, but lining the wall of this tiny cafe are huge 16th century paintings! When I asked about the history of the two paintings on the wall, I was told that they were from the School of Caravaggio…not painted by him, but painted by his students which is still incredible. You also might be wondering about the history of the bench my parents are sitting on…well that’s from an Italian Palazzo (Italian for very large, palatial residence) belonging to the DeMedici family. It truly is an unusual place to find such fabulous art.

The parental unit, Caffe Reggio

If you find yourself in the West Village and need an afternoon coffee break, head into Cafe Reggio, bring book to read, and sip your espresso while relaxing under the shadow of 16th century Italian art. You will leave enriched and caffeinated. What more do you need?


{Kelsey Leigh}


Cafe Reggio

119 Macdougal Street

New York, NY 10012






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