4 Essential Apps for Art Lovers in NYC

So you decide you want to spend your Saturday morning exploring the art scene of NYC. It sounds relaxing but since New York City is the #1 tourist destination for art lovers from all around the globe, narrowing your choices of museums or galleries can be quite the daunting task. But take heart. I’m here to show you four of my favorite apps that will help you narrow your scope and make your Saturday morning art stroll a satisfying success.

  1. Goings On: This app is a comprehensive guide to all things New York City. Written by the writers of The New Yorker, it’s a great starting place for visitors and a good standby for locals who need a little variety! ¬†Users can browse listings by category, use interactive maps, and share recommendations with friends. It includes listings of current art exhibitions in the major museums and galleries and also upcoming exhibitions to better plan your future trips.
  2. Artbit: This handy little app not only has information on current exhibitions, but it has an extensive data base of thousands of works of art and architecture in NYC. Simply open the app, snap a picture, and the name of the work and its artist will appear. I love this app because users can save the work of art to a favorites list and it also saves the location so you can find it again! Perfect for locals and for the visitor.
  3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art App: If you want to begin your day at the Met, a must for locals and visitors alike, but are overwhelmed by the vastness of the institution, download this app. It provides maps, routes, and information on all of the works in the collection (which is a lot of information!!!) I love this app because you can craft your own tour of the Met by how much time you have or by your particular taste in art.
  4. The Frick Collection: The Frick Collection enables the app user to access audio guides, interactive maps, and information on the works of art on or off site. This is helpful for students doing research on the works of art since you’re able to access all the information off-site.

Happy exploring!


{Kelsey Leigh}


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